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Undergraduate Research

More than 1/3 of all Rockhurst undergraduate students engage in research within their own discipline, providing a unique academic experience that impacts their lives well after graduation.

  • Research at Rockhurst: RU students take the lead in research based in the sciences, arts, performance, and more!
  • Undergraduate Research Academy: a student group that finds students opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research, practice their craft or art, and build a real portfolio of true experience while at RU.
  • Festival of Student Achievement: Students present their research results to faculty and staff in a celebration of the amazing work RU students completed during the academic year.


So I have to turn the CO2 on and then turn on this little pad. So after that, pull up a chair. And I just want to get all the flies on to the CO2 pad. So normally, knock them down to the bottom once they're all kind of passed out.

So the research that I'm working on is a genetic mapping project of lethal mutations. I started this research project the second semester of my freshman year. So I've had a lot of this research under my belt that I've been able to use on different applications, like applying for different jobs or applying for medical school, which I did this past semester. And so that's something that really makes me stand out to other applicants, but it's also something that I really enjoy doing.

What I like about the research that I'm doing are those days that we come in and get to see the results. Of a lot of the times we come in, we're setting up crosses or screening for virgins, or running a PCR again and again. But then out of a semester of doing that, we'll have a couple of days where we get to see the results from it. And we really see all of the little and mundane work that we've done come together and see what it was all for, and that's really exciting to me.