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Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity

Rockhurst's core values speak directly to the need to draw insights and learn from the knowledge and experiences of many people from many different backgrounds.

Rockhurst Chief Inclusion Officer Leslie Doyle serves to create not only a more diverse community, but one that ensure we enact our core values of giving greater love, care and compassion for our neighbors, and to seek greater knowledge by listening to the experiences of other people.

I chose to come to Rockhurst for the opportunity to join others who were engaged in the work around diversity and inclusion. I'm Dr. Leslie Doyle, the chief inclusion officer here at Rockhurst.

It's beautiful to be here, also as a person who is from this community and who has seen it grow and to develop. I grew up literally across the street at 5340 Troost. As kids we lived right across from the university. We used it as a park. This community this neighborhood was a neighborhood that nurtured me.

For the past 20 years, I've been working in diversity and inclusion work. My most recent experience is working at Fontbonne University in St Louis, Missouri. And I was deeply impacted by that opportunity, especially during the death of Mike Brown. It really changed my focus from really working one on one with students and student groups, and really changed me to think more about system instructors that act as barriers for students, and how I could be a change agent systemically and structurally, and have an impact in that way. And this opportunity at Rockhurst allows me to do more of that, and to deepen that kind of commitment.

I hope to spend my first semester here at Rockhurst listening. I hope to be engaged with students in spaces where they are, and and inviting them to come into this space and feel like this is a space where they can be themselves. Where they can let their hair down. Where they can tell me about what's happening in their lives, and know that I care, and entrust me to be a person who can act as an advocate for them, and can help them along their process of becoming who they want to be.

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