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Rockhurst is proud to have a diverse, thriving campus community filled with people from all over the country, each one with a unique story to tell.

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The topic for the research that I'm doing is studying the effects of essential oils on zebrafish hearts.

The previous research that was done was studying the effects of thyme oil and their anti-inflammatory properties on zebrafish. And what that did after finding the results, it allowed us to move on and to examine what genes are turned on and off when thyme oil is present in zebrafish and how it affects their hearts.

I think the benefits of doing undergraduate research at Rockhurst is that you're able to work one-on-one with the professor and another student. You also get to do a lot more hands on things, and you're also able to use your own creativity in the undergraduate research and take the experiments and what research you want to do to what you're interested in, which is always an advantage, just because doing something that you like and are passionate about, makes it even more fun and more intriguing, and everything.

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