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Changing Kids Lives at Ability KC

Rockhurst University gives its students the tools necessary to not only succeed after graduation, but to serve and dramatically impact the lives of others.

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Lindy was born with a stroke at birth, and her right side is weaker than her left. And so, we cast her left side for three of the four weeks, and then she's forced to use right hand, right arm, and so forth for the whole entire camp.

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I have been doing constraint-induced movement therapy research since 2010 at Rockhurst University. Everything is occupation based. For children, that's going to be engaging in play and self-help skills like feeding themselves, and dressing, cutting, and coloring. Occupation is kind of always ingrained into whatever we do within this constraint-induced movement therapy program.

This week our theme is Storybook Week, and so, we start each day with our welcome song, and then we'll read the story that is the theme of the day, and then we try to pull out some different themes that are in the book.

He gets a sweater which we can also wear if we're cold. When he puts the sweater on--

If their weaker arm is able to work better, then hopefully in their day-to-day they're more free to play the way they like to play, or to get dressed and do their bathroom skills the way they need to do, and to go to school.

As a parent, you just want the best for your kiddo, and you just want things to be normal. And just to see her grow, and to grow as any other normal kid is the best thing you can ask for from the situation we're put in.

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