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Each year, more than 600 Rockhurst students celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments of their lives – earning a college degree, and joining the prestigious, Rockhurst alumni network that's over 25,000 members strong!

My name is Allison Ivers, and I'm about to graduate with my masters in Speech Language Pathology with all of my best friends.

[group cheering]

I feel great, amazing. I'm just happy to be graduating right now. So I'm just going, and I get it. I got it now, so I'm fine.


My journey has only really begun. If you can see it, I don't know.

[music playing]

We are standing and listening to the music and waiting for everyone to finish processing.

I'm about to get my diploma.


And I'm about to walk across the stage and shake Father Curran's hand and get my diploma.

Really excited. The stage is right there.

[audience cheering]

Feeling nervousness now is fine up until like, right now. So we're going to see how this goes.

Oh my god, just about to walk. Like, let's get it.

I'm about to graduate with my BSN.


My name is Matt Ellis. I'm getting an Executive MBA, and I'm about to walk up on the stage and get hooded. It's awesome.

Sharon Timothy Whitman.

[crowd cheering]

Yeah, we got it now. We got it.

How does it feel?

(WHISPERING) I did it. It happened. It's real.

You want to see the dance again?

Yeah, I want to see the dance again.

You want to see the dance again?


My name's Andrew Big, graduated today, pretty exciting stuff. I think we're heading to Power & Light for a little get together afterwards.

[girls cheering]

We're back at it again. The Homie's Godford School.

What's up?


We made it.

We made it.

3, 2, 1.

[crowd cheering]

Let's party!

[crowd cheering]