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Training Our Future Leaders in PT

Rockhurst University gives its students the tools necessary to not only succeed after graduation, but to serve and dramatically impact the lives of others.

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My name is Anna Prickle, I am graduating from the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at Rockhurst University.

My name is Zach Gove, and I'm a graduate of the 2018 physical therapy program at Rockhurst University.

My name is Rene Freeman, and I'll be graduating this year from the Rockhurst University Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Rockhurst's physical therapy program offers a variety of different electives. They have great faculty and staff.

I'm Janice Loudon, I'm a professor here at Rockhurst University. So I've been in education for over 20 years. And I find, since I've been at Rockhurst, one of the unique features that we offer is the electives.

I've always had a special passion with working with kids. And I wanted to learn more about different settings that are out there.

My name is Kelly Meiners, I'm an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy here at Rockhurst University. I'm one of the physical therapists for the Kansas City Ballet.

So the sports medicine elective gave us a unique opportunity to listen to specialists within the field of sports medicine therapy from the Kansas City area.

Sports medicine elective is a nice mix of teaching methods. Part of it is in the classroom. The other half of it is comprised of observational experiences in different venues throughout Kansas City, all in the sports medicine arena.

I took the pediatric elective at Rockhurst. It was a great opportunity to see the clinical settings we got to observe such as Children's Mercy and Ability KC.

So I didn't originally think I wanted to do women's health, and then we had someone come in the second year and kind of give a few lectures on that. And I became very interested. And, after going through these electives and then seeing it out in the community, there is a very high need.

Students have the opportunity to also shadow me during weekly observations with the athletes at the ballet and also backstage at a lot of the productions down in the Kauffman Center.

I observed with Brandi Dorton. She's an alumni from Rockhurst University. And she works at a specialty clinic called RAPS. And it looks at helping children that are suffering from chronic pain.

So one of things that stood out for me was when Andrew Melanson, a physical therapy alum here at Rockhurst, came and talked to us about working with throwing athletes. For me, personally, that's going to be very beneficial because I might be working with throwing athletes significantly within the next couple of months. And his knowledge and expertise was very beneficial to get me started in my career.

For the running elective, the students learn how to evaluate and treat a running athlete. We look at the kinematics and kinetics of the running gait cycle. They have an opportunity to develop a running clinic for the Rockhurst community.

After taking the women's health elective here at Rockhurst, I was able to get a great mentorship. And so then I'm hoping to take charge in that new women's health section at the practice that I'll be working in.

So I would recommend the Rockhurst PT program because I feel like it's very student-centered. And students do get a lot of attention from the expert faculty that are here.

I know everyone would say this, but it really is the faculty. They're just always willing to go above and beyond everything, not only just for PT, but also just like in life kind of in general too. And then I appreciate that the faculty also practice as well, rather than just teach. So they're all still out in the field a little bit.

My favorite thing about the Rockhurst physical therapy program was the faculty was fantastic. They always made themselves available. You could tell they truly cared about you and your future career and getting you to help you reach your goals.