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Preparing for Health Care Professions

Rockhurst Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy students learn by doing. This includes through interprofessional opportunities that provide students real-world patient scenarios, immersing them in an experience that allows them to assess a patient's symptoms, and develop a course of treatment, providing them the in-depth experience necessary to thrive in a competitive and dynamic world.

So today. We had an inter professional collaboration with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nursing. And we had a case study and we just collaborated with all the professions about how we can work together, and what we can do with this patient.

Already learning about each other's disciplines. Safety for the patients.

I learned about other professions and what they do. You get to talk to people who are actually doing those majors, and you can see what they're thinking vs. if you're in a lecture, you're just maybe learning about what they're doing, but you're not seeing it. Being able to know that we can always ask each other questions and learn about each other's professions really helped. Communication is one of the best gifts that were given, and to be able to help people who were able to communicate before, and then that's taken away from them. I think it's amazing to help them rebuild those connections, so it's just a really important part of life and everyday living.