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Peer Tutoring

Rockhurst is dedicated to providing students all the resources they need to be successful in and out of the classroom. This includes the Learning Center, led by students who are available throughout the year to provide 1:1 peer tutoring in a no-pressure environment that gives our Hawks the edge they need to succeed!

The Learning Center is the place that a lot of students can come to get the help that they need in a variety of situations. Sometimes hearing things from your peers is just more helpful to learning than it is to hear it from your professor.


I was very hesitant to get help from the Learning Center. I was too proud. I thought, "oh, I can do this on my own. I'll be perfectly fine."

And then, once I started actually sitting in the Learning Center, it was clear how much help I could have been getting all along. And so I think it's really advantageous for not only exam prep and quiz prep, but really just for understanding of concepts that may be harder from the beginning

I think the difference between going to a peer, they know the struggle. At the moment, they understand what you're going through. They can help you, and sit you down through it.


I believe I lack confidence in math. And so I started to attend S.I. with Jack for Calculus I. I love spending time with Jack. He helped me with so many homework problems, test skills, test preparation.

I wish more of my students were diligent as Camryn was. She was there at every session, asking for help, asking me to help her form questions to her professor. She really put in her work, and she really improved drastically.

We shouldn't take so much pride to what we do. Because it's OK to go get help. I think everybody needs help in some shape or form. So the Learning Center is one of those great opportunities you have to get help.


Not only did that boost my GPA, which helped me get a job. It made me a more well-rounded student, which is what Jesuit education is all about, being a well-rounded student.