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True to Life Nursing Sim Lab

Nursing students at Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences at Rockhurst University discuss their healthcare training and how the simulation lab prepares them for nursing jobs. Rockhurst values, united with the nursing program at Saint Luke’s, provide medical students with the ability to care for each patient’s mind, body and spirit. For more information, visit rockhurst.edu/nursing.

We're here. We know that you have high blood sugar, and there is a foot ulcer that we're going to be looking at. Do you have any other concerns that I need to know about?

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When somebody is in the hospital, they're at their most vulnerable moment, and what other profession can you really help somebody when they're in that dire need? And so I feel like it's a very fulfilling career.

Does that feel better?

Yeah, that feels a lot better, actually.


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One of our first classes of nursing school was all about caring for patients' mind, body, spirit. Their mental state is so important, and going and getting maybe a chaplain or something for them is so important because people don't want to take care of themselves if mentally, they're not doing well. They need to have their right mind state and all of that. So that's how they're going to get the best care possible is if they want to get better.

You're not just treating the patient, but you're treating the whole self. And so I feel like Rockhurst value would align directly with St. Luke's, but also just the professional nursing.

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It's basically like being a nursing assistant, and then you get opportunities to do more nursing things, like starting IVs and that kind of thing.

We've been on a neuro unit. We've been on some cardiac units, and it really just gets you used to taking care of somebody that you never would have thought about or considered. So you get the opportunity through these clinical settings to hone in on that particular area, but also having the opportunity to maybe also take care of a spine patient, in addition to a neuro patient.

OK just a quick prick. How was that?

That wasn't too bad.

I accepted a nurse internship with the hospital and, basically, what that is is your opportunity to shine in front of the nurses and the managers at the hospital. And if you don't take a job on that particular floor, they'll find you a place.

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