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Students Learn What Life if Like Below the Poverty Line

Rockhurst University is committed to "create a more just world and to live with integrity, humility, tolerance and empathy." Social justice education requires practical learning and RU students recently took part in a Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS), where they learned about poverty's causes and effects. The Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City produced the experience.

[music playing]

[low chatter]

So the wife comes in here don't tell her about the gun.

Absolutely, sir.

She's gonna be mad.

[music playing]

We've got the Wiskott family is in jail in juvenile detention, so they're going to need to be bailed out, if possible.

[music playing]

Show me your check.

This is ridiculous.

Did you--

I don't have checks!

You don't have checks?

We paid you cash.

How much?


$35? I was thinking more like $100.

[music playing]