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Female Pioneers at RU

Recognizing five decades since the school became co-ed, and the contributions and inspiration of women throughout its history, Rockhurst University presented its Rashford-Lyon Award for Leadership and Ethics during the 2020 RU Leadership Series to six recipients. The winners represent the generations of women leaders at Rockhurst. What will today's women at Rockhurst inspire others to accomplish over the next 50 years? Award winners in order of appearance: Lisa Ginter ('87), Bridgette Williams (MBA '16), Ama Karikari ('07), Marny Sherman ('75), Wendy Doyle ('94) and Jean Dunn (representing pre-1969).

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Leadership comes in many forms.

But the best leaders share a set of common traits.




But above all,

A great leader must inspire.

50 years ago, women entered Rockhurst for the first time.

The dawn of a new era at the University.

Providing inspiration for generations of women.

To follow in their footsteps.

Inspired future philanthropists and nonprofit leaders.

Inspired future doctors dedicated to save the lives of children around the world.

Inspired future trailblazers to break down collar and gender barriers.

Inspired future executives to shatter the glass ceiling for her and every woman to follow.

Inspired future advocates to use their voice to ensure other women's voices would be heard as well.

Inspired future teachers.






Dream givers.

And inspired future mothers to build a better life for their families, forging a path for the next generation to thrive.

50 years of women at Rockhurst

Inspired an entire community of leaders

To reach higher and set a standard of excellence.

What will today's women of Rockhurst

Inspire us

To accomplish

Over the next 50 years?

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