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Why Students Choose RU

The reasons to choose Rockhurst are endless – from a tight-knit campus community, nationally-recognized academics, Division II athletics, and proximity to Kansas City's thriving Plaza and Westport areas, there's something for everyone at Rockhurst!

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I chose Rockhurst because of their of their Accounting program and Bbusiness program here. I also play soccer here.

I chose Rockhurst because of the size, and because how everybody knows each other, which I really like. And because they have a great Pre-Med program.

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Well, I chose to come to Rockhurst because there-- it's just a really nice environment. And it's pretty close to home. I live in St Louis, and so it's not too far from home where I feel like homesick all the time, but it's close enough that if I want to go home, I can.

To me, Rockhurst is just a place where you have all opportunities at your disposal. So you know when you're going here, you know you're getting a good degree. You know people are going to want to hire you. You know you're going to meet good people with good values. You have a really nice clean campus to walk on and just enjoy the day.

I chose Rockhurst because of the Business program, and it's actually known. And also, it's close to home in a great city.

I really like the fact that it's in the middle of the city. And also, I really like this small and tight culture that Rockhurst has.

I chose Rockhurst because I'm from the Kansas City area. I've had family who have attended here-- my mother, my aunt, my cousins, other aunts. So I'm familiar with the area. I'm familiar with the school, and it just felt like the right decision

I chose Rockhurst because I'm from St. Louis and the tight community here just felt like the right decision for me. And I felt like this was the right place to be.

I choose Rockhurst for its family-style community and its small class sizes.

I chose to come the Rockhurst because of the smaller class sizes. And also I wanted to be in the heart of Kansas City.

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