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Individual Attention From Faculty

Rockhurst University faculty are dedicating to educating, supporting, and ultimately preparing our students for what's the come after graduation. The advantage of a small campus community is our faculty will know you by name, and are able to dedicate the time and resources necessary to ensure every student's success – both as a student and beyond!

I think that Rockhurst is an extremely unique community. It's definitely a smaller group than a lot of other majors so we have Rockhurst like Business or Medicine, but I think that has a lot of advantages to it, because I know all the other English students and I also know all of the other English professors.

I definitely love the service opportunities that I've been provided. I just handed out hot cocoa on street corners during MLK Day, and that was super fun. I feel like every service opportunity that I have puts me in better touch and better focus with the broader Kansas City community.

So I have been asked by a couple of different professors about research opportunities and about publication opportunities for stuff that I've written, or stuff that I really want to work on. I also just think that Rockhurst does allow you to pursue your own personal creative interests within your departments and stuff. And I think that goes not only for English, but I think that goes for many other courses of study.